Trevor Tomkins

Dairy value chain | Milk processing plant management

“Solutions to accelerating rural prosperity and development in emerging markets lie with bringing appropriate technology, expertise and capital to entrepreneurs and the need to move beyond aid models that have frequently hindered and not helped.”

Dr Trevor Tomkins is President and Founder of venture | dairy. During the last twelve years Trevor has worked in Nicaragua, Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Haiti, Malaysia and India where he has been involved in a diversity of dairy industries.

Trevor was born and educated in the UK and completed his Ph.D. in Animal Sciences at the University of Reading. He joined a Dutch multi-national company and for four years lived and worked in southern Africa in a livestock research and technical advisory role, primarily focused on the dairy industry. He spent a period in Europe as an international advisor working in many countries round the world before being transferred to the US. In 1985 he joined Milk Specialties Company as head of research. He was recognized for his contribution to dairy nutrition when invited to become the first non-academic member to serve on a National Research Committee that revised the publication: Nutrient Requirements of the Dairy Cow.

In 1996 Trevor became President of Milk Specialties Company and during the next 16 years took the company from an animal nutrition company to one of the major independent food ingredient companies in the US operating across the dairy value chain. He traveled widely during this time building the company’s international reputation as a foremost supplier of high quality milk products.

Trevor has served on the Board of Heifer International and was Chairman of the Heifer International Foundation Board of Trustees. He is a recognized authority on the world-wide dairy industry and is a frequent speaker at international conferences. In 2013 he was awarded the Distinguished Service Award by the American Feed Industry Association. 

Looking forward to assist with

  • Business development and turnaround
  • Management of milk processing plants including quality assurance and HACCP
  • Wide Board experience from roles on boards of private companies and Not-for-Profits
  • Investment facilitation
  • Economical Farming Unit
  • Dairy cattle nutrition and management